It’s difficult to say “no” to a beautiful piece that just doesn’t work — sometimes you need the help of a friend

Saturday afternoon I spent a few hours at Clothes Heaven trying on clothes. I wasn’t alone, another customer was there and we chatted about clothes, life as we debated the merits of the beautiful pieces around us. Before I entered the store, though, I saw a beautiful long gold shiny Chanel dress in the window — it was my size so I had to try it on. And it was amazing and I loved it and I imagined myself wearing it to ballet performances and all was within my reach but somehow I knew — looking in the mirror — that maybe my dream of wearing this was not exactly how I looked. I have a “generous bussom” and all I could see in this dress was my chest and my stomach. Now, I am a fit person and super happy with my body. I am exactly where I want to be so there’s no losing weight AND I am not going to wear uncomfortable undergarments. So I knew what I had to do — send photos to a male friend in Italy who’s taste in MY clothes I trust. And I also sent a photo of me in a gorgeous Oscar de la Renta black dress with silky pleats that melted my heart. But zipping myself into the dress around the chest had been tight and I saw that once in the dress I could see a bulge around my chest and stomach — the dress was tight but when is it too tight? So I sent the photos to “G” and waited. Now I could have sent the photos to my female friend in Italy — the one with the best fashion sense ever — but she might be like me and be influenced by the beauty of the clothes. “G”, I knew from experience, did not evaluate my clothing based on labels and he was always right as far as clothes on me. So I waited a few minutes and got the verdict — basically, the dresses were too sexy but the black was better. I did not want to hear this but I trusted him so I put the dresses aside “for now”. Then I tried on an inexpensive Michael Kor’s wool skirt with lace (size 4, my preferred fit) and a simple Jil Sander’s black cotton t-shirt: a natural fit and I could see myself wearing the skirt and t-shirt everywhere. So I sent the photo to “G” and he agreed with th black skirt and T-shirt. So I confirmed what I didn’t want to admit — sometimes a beautiful dress just isn’t right — for my body, my style — and I must say no. For me, accentuating the bust is not my preferred feature — for me, I like to focus on my legs and calves  toned by ballet in Miss Lucy Record’s adult classes at the Colburn. So, just to let everyone know, there is a gorgeous size 42 Chanel dress at Clothes Heaven and a divine Oscar de la Renta dress just waiting for the right woman.


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