Rotating clothes with those items we love over and over

When I first took the flat heeled black suede over the knee boots out of the Stuart Weitzman box, I declared them a mistake — they were not as glamorous as my trademark Ferragamo heeled boots. But that is exactly why I needed the Stuart Weitzman boots — to keep my legs warm for those times I want to wear mini-skirts and dresses (my go-to wardrobe). So for lounging around today, and to lift my spirits, I put on the Weitzman boots — but instead of Wolford tights I used the Bloch ballet tights which are less expensive, more durable, and more casual. Mini-skirt: Joie leather with pockets. Shirt: a Space black one from Italy I rarely wear despite its comfort and elegance. Then, to bring out another item I rarely wear — an Akris silk cropped jacket I paid a lot of money for even though it was on sale. And this time I realized I could unzip the jacket’s collar so it would not compete with the leather collar of the shirt. Took me way too long to decide all this but at least I have matched my current favorites (boots, skirt) with two items I rarely wear (blouse, jacket). It’s all about cost per wear; otherwise, I would slouch around all the holidays in my Lululemon!


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