Hermès twill scarves: collecting beauty helps me grow old gracefully

I purchased my first Hermès twill scarf in Paris when I turned 40 years old. Fifteen years ago, I could purchase a scarf for about $175-$200 in Paris but now the scarves sell for around $500 with tax. Some scarves are produced for only a season and become collector’s items. Sometimes Sotheby’s sells Hermès twill scarves in sets of five. Recently I have bought Hermès scarves for a very reasonable price from the consignment store at Clothes Heaven. Some of my scarves I wear repeatedly — I prefer florals — and some I have rarely worn (the colors don’t blend with my outfits). The scarf can be tied around the neck to hide wrinkles and around the handle of a handbag just to add style. The silk feels soft and luxurious and even jeans and a t-shirt can appear dresses up with the addition of a scarf. And in the end, after I am gone, my children will have this legacy. As to why Hermes scarves? YouTube has a video for that!

Best place to purchase an Hermès scarf? Catch a sale in Paris. At one January sale, I stood in line for three hours to get into the sale and another two hours in the scarf line. At the time I was annoyed (tired and hungry) but I did purchase many beautiful scarves for myself and friends at half-price.


2 thoughts on “Hermès twill scarves: collecting beauty helps me grow old gracefully

  1. Haven’t used this account in awhile… But I love seeing what’s in those orange Hermes boxes. I also lost my Hermes Virginity in early fall at their Dallas store. I bought a “set” of colognes that I selected themselves. NOT an uber-big purchase, but I am happy with the quality of the scents. I’ve bought scarfs from a major online site—I haven’t had a truly important event to wear them to yet……

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