Shopping your brand, your size online, on sale: or why I would rather buy designer clothes with discretionary income than spend money on overpriced U2 concert tickets

So tickets to the U2 concert on May 20 at the Rose Bowl went on sale at 10 o’clock this morning. This is a special treat for me as I can walk to this concert from my house. But two minutes later, TicketMaster informed me that all tickets were gone and referred me to resale options for $250 to almost $1,000! I went to StubHub and I could have bought 2 tickets for more than $400 and still I told myself, no way, this is an insult and I’m way too Irish to waste my money like this. Because last night I cashed in $500 of reward points from my American Express card, spent a few minutes combing the 75% off sale at Saks Fifth Avue online and paid $110 out of pocket for an Etro Floral-Print Tiered Silk Dress (originally was $2,340 and on sale for $561, free shipping). Then I went to eBay and saw that long Etro silk dresses can resale for $200-$500. I love the colors of Etro, I love the cut on the dresses, but I have restrained myself numerous times from giving in to paying retail for a dress that I cannot wear every day to every occasion (cost per wear is the only way I can justify paying some prices for clothes.) So, this is my thinking from a woman who likes to play dress up with beautiful clothes but has a degree in Finance!


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