Wear what you want

I use Lululemon tights for yoga, Pilates, training at the gym (aka torture), sometimes ballet, usually modern dance, and for tennis in the winter. Today, after tennis, in a five minute change before my daughter’s basketball game, I pulled off my Lululemon t-shirt and skirt, peeled on this soft t-shirt scrunched Riller dress (purchased at the Finn + Willow Boutique in Old Pasadena), exchanged my Babalot shoes for Malloni boots (the shearling — maybe? — lined ones I adore for comfort and stacked height), and because I think this dress is too tight to comfortable wear in public (though I love it for me!), I threw over the IKKS trench (also found at Finn + Willow). My point: sometimes I buy a too tight dress just because I can and I am comfortable in it, but I have a wee bit of modesty left that makes me throw on a nice coat for my daughter’s high school basketball game! On the outside I look like nice mommy, on the inside I’m dressing to reward myself for all those early morning workouts!


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