Majestic Filatures t-shirts designed in Paris: Heaven in a t-shirt — really

Before ballet class, I was trying to convince a girlfriend that Majestic t-shirts are the difference between flying economy and business class — not until you do it do you realize the difference. And Majestic Filatures are in that category of I never knew what I was missing. The first one I bought, from a small boutique in Terni (Umbria, Italy) is gold, long sleeve, and made of probably viscose and cashmere but my eyes can no longer read the faded label. The second long sleeve t-shirt, one with a crew neck, is 94% viscose/6% elasthane and is labeled “superwashed, Soft Touch” and that is my tactile experience wearing this shirt. It runs snug which makes me a bit self conscious but sometimes I just cover that up with a jacket or sweater so I can enjoy wearing the t-shirt without drawing attention to my bustline, shall we say. The v-neck long sleeve Majestic Filatures t-shirt is identified as a “deluxe tee shirt” made of 70% cotton and 30% cashmere on the exterior and 100% cotton on the inside. These T-shirts have the same durable quality of Petit Bateau cotton t-shirts but offer larger sizes and warmer materials. Another woman in the ballet class joined the conversation and agreed with my enthusiasm– Majestic Filatures tee shirts are transformative — and addictive!

I purchased my last two Majestic Filatures tee shirts at Serafina, the boutique in San Marino (adjacent to Pasadena) across from Julienne’s Bistro.


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