Simple, elegant, beautiful, consistent, trustworthy, and feminine: how I would describe my style

I love the surprise I get when I receive guests or contractors at home: “you look so — where are you going?” I chose clothes how I aspire to live my life: simply, comfortably, gracefully and with integrity. I look for clothes like Hugo Boss that are made of soft and comfortable materials (I shop by touch) and good design. A good piece of clothing will always make me look better. I also have to be able to get dressed quickly — I tell myself it takes the same amount of time to put on sloppy clothes as it does to put an outfit together. I like Ferragamo boots and wear the same ones over and over because they are as divine today as when I bought them two years ago. And Hermès — the French artisan retailer that offers customers with discretionary income quality — Hermès scarves, pashminas, bangles, handbags — Hermès articles pull together outfits with color and design and last and offer surprises of design and fabric that only artisans can provide. Consistency, trustworthiness: works in life, works in fashion.


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