This outfit is no longer me — so what do I do about it? We all ask that question after we’ve spent money and stuck it in our closet 

I had to be responsible today and go to the hardware store for supplies so I decided to wear some casual clothes I have not worn in awhile: a Pink striped shirt, Levi Strauss vintage high waisted wide leg jeans and a pink Barbour jacket that once fit but is now many sizes too big — oh, and a pair of gray and pink Cole Haan saddle shoes. I hate the outfit. All the clothes are good quality but except for the jeans and shoes, meaning the shirt and jacket, everything is too big and I don’t feel glamorous or elegant and I felt quite frankly icky. But my hardware store is True Value Hardware on Fair Oaks in Pasadena and the nice staff made some jokes and helped me out with each item so the trip was salvaged — showing that even in LA people have not lost their sense of humor or their kindness. But I am still getting out of these clothes!


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