Shopping in San Marino: Pearls and Serafina provide easy access to fashion during a car service 

Yesterday afternoon I had to get a new battery for one of my cars so I headed to Leon’s Auto Care in San Marino (it’s the only gas station near me that still pumps gas) Leon told me he needed an hour so I “said” I was going to hang out at Julienne’s but I decided I wasn’t hungry and stopped by Pearls and bought a red striped St James shirt.

Then I crossed the street to Serafina, which had some new clothes and a nice room in the back for 50% off sales (good place to revisit for good finds). I ended up with an off-the-shoulder dress by Tibi (size 6).

Then I found a Peter Cohen 4-play silk (extra small) on sale so I took that.

As I shopped, we spoke about menopause and “peri-menopause”. In my 40s, while I was raising children who still needed me, I experienced weight gain, the inability to diet, and unpredictable hormones and mentrual cycles. This is apparently “perimenopause”. Then apparently, one year after my last period — either in 2013 or 2014, I apparently entered “Menopause” which always seemed like a horrible category. But I like it. After 40 years of menstrual cycles, I no longer have periods or fluctuating hormones. I feel like myself. I exercise etc but somehow I seem able to take care of myself. Better than ever. I had to find my own path and I wouldn’t presume to have the answers for any other woman in these stages except one thing: believe in yourself. Be positive. And listen to yourself. It’s my time, it’s your time. It should always have been my time but somehow turning 50 and finding life a bit overwhelming somehow I decided to stick up for myself and stop judging and limited myself. For me, this meant  returning to ballet, playing tennis competitively, and writing. I had to tell myself — if I don’t do what I dream of now, when will it be?

Diptych candles can be found at Serafina in San Marino.


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