Let’s talk about shoes: sorry but I like my Manolos — and they cost me

Generally, good shoes are expensive. I have a large foot — 9 1/2 US or 41/42 European. And until I had children, my foot was narrow. So I have invested in good Italian shoes since I earned my degree in finance — with the justification that good shoes make a statement in business and that comfortable shoes are healthier for my feet. So that’s how it starts. I still have every pair of Ferragamos that I have owned in the last 30 plus years. And then I got curious: what is it about these Manolos that I hear so much about? So in a moment of stress, I sought relief in retail therapy and paid full price for a pair of Manolo Blahnik pumps. And worn them again and again. So, in another fit of stress — and as a gift to myself — I bought three more pairs (and did get a discount). So the bad news is that these shoes are expensive, but in my opinion, they are the only pumps a well-dressed woman of a certain age and style “needs”. My other tip: I buy them on size up so my toes have lots of room to breathe and walk but not so big that my feet slip out of the shoe when I walk. Sometimes love of fashion hurts upfront but a good shoe repair guy can keep shoes good for decades.


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