Honestly feeling a little silly about the selfies in clothes but I have my reasons

Hamming it up for the camera and posting on the internet isn’t very “dignified” but “fashion Blogger” is a “thing” and I need to be productive. And I love clothes. And I have great taste in clothes — better taste in clothes than a few other things (I am, for example, completely banned from giving “relationship” advice). I have spent a lot of money and time choosing and selecting clothes and I want people to see what clothes really look like on a real woman who buys these clothes. It’s my personal campaign to offset impossible and unreal images portrayed by the fashion industry. But most of all, I have a need to be seen for myself. Changes have been coming and very soon I’ll be at another phase — but with a fantastic wardrobe and closet!

So what is it about today’s outfit? The Balanciaga miniskirt, Knit top from Alice and Olivia, the striped Wolford tights and the Anne Fontaine leather jacket? I love miniskirts because they feel daring but all I am doing is showing a few more inches of thigh! And a miniskirt feels light and energetic. And a miniskirt shows off my legs, “Legs by Miss Lucy”, where I have worked hard in the ballet studios of The Colburn School — facing down my own insecurities with body image and the ability to dance. The sleeveless knit top shows my arms as athletic — which is an important aspect of my life. Exercise, exercise, exercise — for mental and emotional and physical health. And the belt my Michael Kors? Well, for many years, during that peri-menopausal period where I felt hormonal and heavy, I did not wear belts or tuck in my shirts. And this fresh look — belted and tucked in — gives me hope. I did not diet to this slim size. Many years ago I made a decision to accept my size 12 body — after all I was healthy. And I started to do the things I loved — ballet, tennis, yoga, Pilates (for exercise) and then other things like play Celtic music in the harp (I have less talent as a musician than as a dancer but I love it anyways) and write about art crime (I do pretty well at the nonfiction but the fiction part is my Mt Everest!) So anyway, that’s what’s behind the photos and the miniskirt — I want to be my productive authentic true self, even if I make myself uncomfortable sometimes. Because maybe, just maybe, I will connect with someone who might be where I have been — or where I am, or where I am going. Just maybe. Because I certainly don’t want to be on this journey alone.


One thought on “Honestly feeling a little silly about the selfies in clothes but I have my reasons

  1. How else will you show what you are wearing, to blog about it? Some fashion bloggers use husbands, boyfriends,roommates or select friends to take pictures for the….not all use selfies. Given the different photographic angles you provide, it seems a camera on a tripod and timer would be awkward but possible…! Guys like pictures of busts, legs and particular curves—but how many could you really trust? Just some (hopefully helpful) thoughts. Professional photographers cost real money, as we know! Even if I were closer, I’m sure my wife would nix the idea for me! 😦

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