Joie’s leopard miniskirt: creating energy with fashion

Having survived perimenopause in my 40s, I am so relieved to be in menopause where I feel more like my original self — a girl who likes ballet and tennis and clothes and writing. That’s pretty much me. The big change of course is that I am not holed up in my room writing in my journal — I get a chance to share my images and thoughts through writing on the internet and hopefully connect with other people in a meaningful way. I think of this time of my life as “energy” — I have to have momentum to be responsible, pay the bills, take care of myself and my family and friends — and none of that can happen if I isolate myself and stay in fear. All around me are messages of hope, of faith. But I am an earthly girl. And I have to find my thrills that make me feel a bit daring, energized, present, seen, relevant. I’m trying to justify this leopard-print miniskirt! Because I do love it — I know I am 55 years old but I feel “fun” and I am laughing at myself because obviously someone amidst the changes, losses and responsibilities in my life — I still want to have fun!

This is the Joie leopard-print miniskirt with the Prada block heels, Wolford tights, and a long sleeve gold Majestic Filatures tee shirt. But I wanted a softer look so I then changed to a pink sleeveless top from Rag & Bone and calmed everything down with a beige Valentino leather jacket (one of my favorite items from the consignment store Clothes Heaven in Pasadena). Well, I need to go be productive and responsible — I hope you can find some fun and thrill in your clothes today — celebrate yourself for just showing up and surviving!

This long sleeve silk blouse from Hugo Boss adds lightness and warmth:

Then I found these Sperry topsiders on the floor and tried them on and liked them for a more “casual” but still energetic look:


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