Joie pleated miniskirt: having fun with playing dressup

I bought a black pleated miniskirt of viscose and polyester lined from Joie. It’s a playful skirt with a scrunched waist.

It’s part of my maybe rebellion into middle age that since I have athletic legs (ballet, Pilates, gym, tennis, yoga) that I should be “dating” and expose a few inches of thigh. It also makes me feel more energetic and less bogged down. This morning I put on a one-inch heel leather shoes by Rachel Comey which matched the casualness of the skirt.

Of course I wore my polka dot Wolford tights aka “Nylons” to wave away decades of aging of my legs. Then what about the top? It’s a high waisted skirt and a little puffy (it does swish which makes it perfect for the ballerina/girl persona within me):

So, on went the Bloch leotard and the Hermès scarf:

And then I found a short colorful jacket I had picked up at Neiman Marcus about 25 years ago:

I just love it when I can find a new purpose for something that has been in my closet for decades (I told you that I am an investment buyer in clothes!)

But then I had to make breakfast so I threw on this top from the New York City ballet which I had rescued from my daughter’s giveaway bag:

So now I feel cheerful and not so stressed! Because being an adult, facing change, realizing we are moving with the Universe and with the needs of other people, well, it’s just plain exhausting! Playing dressup and having a bit of fun makes it more palatable, don’t you think? Find out what outfits in your closet make you happy.


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