Hermès Kelly Bag: Big red leather handbags carry a lot and go with everything 

This morning one of the front desk women at Equinox asked me a question about her two-year old Michael Kors handbag (a big, beautiful purse reminiscent of the Hermès Kelly bag) and asked me what I thought she might do to getting it looking crisp again. First, I said that the bag looked fantastic. I could see no scratches or stains and what it looked like was a beautiful chic bag that could go with everything and could carry many things to support a busy life. “Your purse is to serve you,” I said “Embrace that you’ve had this bag awhile and that it fits everything you need. If you took out half of the contents, and snapped and zipped it up, it would look like it did when you got it. But this purse is meant to be used by you.”

I prefer function to design. Although I did advise that if she needed to repair any handbag or shoe, go to the place I have trusted for maybe 30 years: Arturo’s in Beverly Hills (www.arturosshorfixx.com).

My red Hermès Kelly bag has been used almost daily since I got it about four months ago (an expensive handbag but I had to do an unpleasant task under unpleasant circumstances and I call it my “suck-it-up-bag” and yeah it helped). The red leather handbag goes with everything, has a thin leather strap that frees my hands, and brings me lots of joy (and a few other women who have never seen one up close). The red purse can also hold my life — my phone, my iPad, my computer, my journal, my wallet, my lipstick — and acts more as a small luggage than a handbag. But it does make me feel like a woman. Liking ballet beyond reason, wearing pink for every occasion and dressing up in floral prints all make me feel like a “girl”; but a Hermès Kelly bag — I’m a woman, a 55-year-old woman who bought the bag because I could.


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