Business attire: Cop.copine skirts offer style, comfort and flare

Old Pasadena has a Cop.Copine boutique which offers European design and materials in their clothes — a feminine, French aesthetic with flattering fits, easy care materials, and attractive hemlines above the knee in their skirts for under $200. Three skirts caught my attention:

The Vague-Cop Copine is from the Summer 2017 collection and for $160 is versatile — business casual or church or anywhere really — the material is both fitting and stretchy (65% cotton, 32% polyester, and 3% elastane, Made in Portugal). I paired the Vague skirt with a white Anne Fontaine silk blouse (similar to the one for sale here).

The Yoake-Cop Copine skirt ($160) mixes Navy blue in the front and black in the rear so shoes and handbags can easily be black or blue before you even start with the blouses. (The material, again, soft and both fitted and flexible is 49% polyester, 47% cotton, and 4% elastane, Made in Portugal).  Here I chose a light blue Anne Fontaine long sleeve pima jersey blouse.

I matched the navy/black Yoake skirt with the same AF prima jersey blouse and camisole in pink, with Hugo Boss pink/black ballerina flats, and a HB pink leather belt ( if I like something I get it in numerous colors). I like the consistency of a uniform, especially for business and work (variety but comfortable and predictable quality).

The third skirt from Cop.Copine is the Magmar ($188), a front-pleated black (for me) skirt with an attractive hemline, a belt-less waist, with a few lines of flirty sequins. The material is surprisingly soft given that it is 99% polyester and 1% elastic (also Made in Portugal) — the texture looks like “wool”, business attire, but the material is lighter and gives when I had to bend down to untangle computer cords etc.

In my opinion, the price/quality is very good (surprisingly good given that the materials are mostly polyester) and the looks are sharp but versatile (in my next post I’ll show you how I dress it up with a Chanel jacket and Hermes scarf to go from “business casual” to “I can handle whatever comes my way).

Here are two outfits in blue and pink (like I said, uniform):Anne Fontaine blouse, Hugo Boss belt, AF camisole, and HB ballerina flats.





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