Business attire and what is work: Balenciaga miniskirt and lots of bling add to experience and age

Business attire for me, a 55 year old woman: the clothes (Balenciaga tailored wool miniskirt, Anne Fontaine white blouse, Hugo Boss pink leather belt, Wolford tights, Manolo Blahnik suede pumps); the accessories (Hermes scarf and leather bag); and the jewellery (a mixture of “trophies” from Cartier, Hermes, Tiffany and the diamond district in downtown LA).

The work for me at 55 years of age: finance (real estate investor, real estate consultant); writing (art crime book reviews and blogging about art thefts, novelist) and social media (fashionblogger targeting women over 50 years of age and/or in the stage of menopause).

What I like about being older is the experience, the resources and the knowledge I have gained since I started out as a high school journalist and later graduated from college with a degree in finance. I have accumulated skills and experience and the financial resources that allow me to work independently or with others and to explore the passions (museum thefts, antiquities looting, provenance) that interest me. But here’s the thing: at the age of 55 I am almost always working because I am my best asset. No company, no boss is here to direct me. Even when I dance or exercise or take yoga or seek out spiritual resources, or do community service or drop by the coffee place to say hello to the other customers, I am always investing in myself.


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