Friday business casual: leather jacket mandatory just in case you want to ride into the sunset on a motorcycle at the end of the day

Obviously I am freaking out about writing my novel if I am dreaming of getting a motorcycle. But the first step for me is the leather jacket. For going to the office on Friday, I decided Majestic Filatures light blue tank t-shirt (soft, supple, shows off the shoulder muscles I have built by workout out early mornings); white jeans (Hugo Boss are one of my favorites for the slim fit); and Manolo Blahnik crocodile pumps I bought “used” from my favorite consignment store, Clothes Heaven in Pasadena.

And here’s the array of leather jackets in my closet:

This Anne Fontaine jacket has leather sleeves and panels and a smooth finish polyester background so we’re just flirting with leather — still safely classic for anywhere.

I bought this red leather jacket in Amelia (Umbria, Italy). The price was fantastic and I receive many compliments (although the fit sometimes looks a bit snug).

I love this Vince leather jacket for it’s fit and material. I bought it at the Vince outlet store in Cabazon more than a year ago at a very good price.

I found this pink leather Escada jacket (with the beautiful buttons) in the back sales room of the consignment store Clothes Heaven (Pasadena, CA). The price made me overlook the pastel color but I love it!

This is a Joie suede jacket I bought on sale from the store in Pasadena — it has a nice fit (extra small) and a matching miniskirt that overall makes me look way thinner than my 135 pounds (5’7″ so I am right on the healthy target).

And this is my favorite — a Valentino leather jacket with ruffled trim. The jacket is lambskin and made in Italy and the fit and feel is perfect and the neutral color makes it versatile.

Leather jackets suite the California mild weather perfectly and can be worn all year which lowers the cost per wear!


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