Repettos:these classy sexy handmade French ballerina flats can be addicting and romantic

I am friendly with two-three women at Intelligentsia (coffee) in Pasadena over our shared love of Repettos, those elusive beautiful feminine handmade French ballerina flats. As most women know — and I am excluding those amazing women who have unusually sized feet — shoes are the accessory that require no losing weight, no exercise. So, let’s say, a woman isn’t happy with how she looks in dresses or pants or skirts or even yoga wear, she can possibly find superficial (some would say) happiness in obtaining a pair of beautiful exquisite shoes.

I bought my first pair of Repetto ballerina flats in Paris, chose the color grey and declared them to be my lucky writing shoes. Repetto ballerina flats are so shiny and delicate and beautiful that the first urge is to protect them. However, they are also highly addictive so then I found myself leaving the office in them …

Okay, how to buy Repettos? Or even try them on? Ideally, go to the boutiques in Paris — or the one in NYC. Otherwise, if you’re in LA, only Lost & Found has Repetto flats on display and for sale. The Repetto website listed The Line as a distributor but that is no longer true; The Dreslyn is an online site only with no showroom (their site is currently offering a 25% discount).

I own about a dozen pairs of Repettos and I have learned about style and size. Let me share the information:

The pair of Repettos I wear the most are a black ballerina flat, identified by Repetto as “Cendrillon” Ballerina — some of my older boxes just say “ballerine” but they all look like they are patent leather ballerina flats. While the black flats go with everything, I also have Navy blue, gray, pink and black, green, and rose (some of the pairs are quite a few years old and were taken to the playground by my daughter while she was in middle school). This model, my oldest Repettos flats, are in a size 41; the black pair, a more recent purchase, are in size 42. I have a tendency to wear the flats with pants, including Lululemon leggings.

From Lost & Found I purchased two pairs of Repetto ballerina flats, not patent leather, and the sizes differed — one is size 40 and the other is size 40.5. These flats are recent purchases and not patent leather.

I have three pairs of the Camille ballerina mid-heel shoes — tan, Tattoo blue, and red —  which I wear a lot with dresses and skirts. All of these Camille ballerina mid-heels are in the size 42 (a size “up” for me).

I have one pair of the Jane Ballerina, a “Tattoo” blue, which has a shorter heel and stands out fabulously against jeans. This pair is in a size 41 and are a bit snug but I purchased them online for 50% off so I am “stretching them out” naturally.

The last pair are ones I lusted for a long time, in both Bloch and Repetto and when I found them online for half-off, I purchased them from Repetto — these are the “Zizi Oxford Shoes” with laces. I bought them in a 42 and they fit well. The only reason I don’t wear them more often is that I prefer slip on shoes and I wear more dresses and skirts than pants. These patent leather loafers are dressy though and look fantastic with jeans.

Meantime, I’m waiting for a new pair of Repettos, a different model, a pair of “Sneakers” which I hope to wear this spring and summer with dresses. DHL appears to be taking their time with the delivery so I’ll let you know when they arrive.







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