Playing Dress up to fit my mood: Herve Leger black dress, Majestic Filatures slip, Wolford tights, and Ferragamo boots (no make up, no hair brush)

I am happy with anticipation — some “business” may get resolved so big stress will be released … anyway, we have a cloudy spring day here in Pasadena and so I started planning today’s outfit around my beloved Ferragamo boots (best ever, comparable to going from an economy seat to a business seat on a flight from LAX to Fumicino). Then I flipped through the dresses I have invested money in (my goal is to reduce cost per wear) and came up with this Herve Leger dress which is thick and requires a slip (another reason to wear my newest obsession — Majestic Filatures’ light and smooth slip). The boots are easy to wear, the dress is simple (once I got the body to wear it, this is a large size and in general it’s impossible for me to look decent in a Herve Leger bandage (bandaid?) dress. Anyway, I was feeling so please with myself and just a bit cocky that I decided just to apply my new Hermès cream to face and arms and skip make up and brushing my hair. You know, I live a pretty simple life around exercise and writing so entertaining myself like this works. Makes me feel like a girl playing dress up — wearing clothes like a costume that fits my mood and narrative. And posting on Facebook and Instagram — hopefully to bug my teenagers and likely other people who have more class than me, well that’s just a bonus eh? In a few weeks I will be 56 years old, in a few years I will be 60 years old. Also my objective is to show the clothes of a real shopper and how they look after being hung in the closet. And by the way, the Herve Leger dress was purchased at the Old Pasadena re-sale (consignment) store, Clothes Heaven (or “Heaven for short). A dopo!


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