Repetto sneakers: versatile and actually useful

I purchased these Repetto sneakers from the store online. I paid full price. I have a weakness for all brands ballet and French. The sneakers were expensive. And when I first put them on, I wasn’t sure I liked them or even if they were worthy of the brand name. Then I made a few discoveries wearing them. I can wear these Repetto sneakers to the gym for my weight training. I can wear these Repetto sneakers with dresses and pants. I can walk forever and uphill in these Repetto sneakers. And the multiple colors lets me match the sneakers with many casual outfits — jeans, shorts, sporty dresses. I even had them cleaned at the shoe shine station in Vancouver airport as I waited for my flight — the white rims and soles clean nicely and give the shoes a restored look. I was having breakfast in Victoria on Vancouver Island when the waitress had me write down the name of the brand because she liked my Repetto sneakers so much. Because in the end, Repetto does live up to its reputation for quality and distinction — even when trying to be casual.


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