Dressing for Europe: Lose the athletic sneakers and plan outfits

When walking in Europe, I trade my American athletic running shoes for the more discreet Cole Haan walking shoes.

Or the Repetto “sneakers”.

I try not to look like a tourist which gives me some security (less prey to thieves).

Also, after exercise, I try to remember that most Europeans are more formal than we are in Southern California. So after exercising in a tank t-shirt (My fantastic 5 euro cotton from H&M, 

I put on a nylon jacket (I keep my Valentino that I bought from the consignment store Clothes Heaven) that I keep in my car and tie on a scarf. There, in a few seconds, I’m presentable!

Then, at home, after showering, I change into a lightweight silk and cotton dress by Jil Sander and a pair of Prada sneakers (both the dress and the shoes were found at the Pasadena consignment store Clothes Heaven where I save money buying designer clothes secondhand (used, formerly owned).


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