Chiara Boni, Made in Italy: Feminine dresses you step into and then pull up (no zippers, no buttons)

My Italiana Partner-in-Crime Claudia makes shopping in Italy possible — she knows the stores, the designers, the quality and she has impeccable taste and good sense when evaluating quality and price. I was hesitant when we stepped into the Chiara Boni boutique in Rome. The dresses were all on sale but for me, since the material is like Lululemon tights and appears to hug the female body, I was a bit shy about trying them on. But three Italian women encouraged me — two of them were very helpful saleswomen (you try to resist a charming Italian saleswoman!) Then Claudia, my partner in all things fashion (and life) somewhat dared me to try on the white dress on the mannequin. White? Form fitting? I am 56 years old. I have two teenage children. But I am really competitive apparently and I said, get me the dress! So we picked the white and then I bought a lovely blue with a delicious open back. When in Italy, go Italian!

I wore the dress by Chiara Boni with Repetto sneakers for day; wearing the same dress with Manolo Blahnik pumps, for example, allows a transition for evening. 


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