Chiara Boni: take your white dress to the beach for dinner afterwards in Tuscany 

Escape the heatwave in Umbria to a beach in Tuscany with your Partner-in-all-things-Fashion to spend the day in bikinis — both Eres and H&M offer good bathing suits. Then shower and change into the white dress from Chiara Boni because the dress comes with its own travel bag and does not wrinkle. Get off the sand, add Hermès face and body cream, a pair of gold Repetto ballet flats and with your Longchamp Le Sac, you’re ready for dinner and gelato in the historic center of a hilltop town in Tuscany. While you eat gelato your friend points out the cemetery below. First, you say, we must remember to eat gelato every day. Second, we know the day we are born, but we do not know the day we will die. Life is that time in between where we try to live sincerely and productively. And it all goes better with good people around you.


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